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What Goes Into Developing a Temperature Control MOD?

Temperature Control MODs are still some of the newest innovations in the vaping industry. Temp control involves the regulation of heat that gets to the coils. Unlike wattage control devices, temperature control devices detect a change in the resistance of the coils, following which they determine whether to lower or restrict flow of heat to […]


A bag charged with Energy – always. Solar Bag is bag with a miniature solar panel built into its front to accumulate energy. Inside there’s a battery and a range of l-plugs so you can hook up your I-Pod, mobile phone and every type of digital device. It comes in two styles: a small trunk […]

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From Wikipedia: C’N’C Costume National, produced and distributed through a licensing agreement with ITTIERRE, offers Ready To Wear apparel for Men and Women as well as footwear and accessories. PLUS IT, the accessories division which features shoes, bags and a line of small accessories, also has a worldwide distribution network. The production facilities are located […]

Choosing the right vaporizer

If you are new to the world of vaping and e-cigarettes and with so many types of vaporizers out there, choosing the right one for your needs may be difficult and challenging. Generally, there are several different styles and designs of vaporizers, which you can help you in curbing your desire for nicotine. Whether you […]